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myFinderr is an iOS app that that enables visually impaired users to hear the world around them, and navigate towards objects using their phones.

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Powerful Features

myFinderr AI helps you find and receive smart guidance towards objects you are looking for in your environment. Read text in your surroundings, on an object or product or on a document & Hear descriptions of people, objects, and products.

Fully Secured

Our AI's analysis is performed locally on the phone unless cloud feature activated thus offering the ultimate private user experience to our users.

Easy To Use & Fully Accessible

If you have troubles with sound, haptic feedback communicates to you by vibrations if the object you are looking for is in view, and if you are moving too fast for the camera to detect the object.

Hear what's around you

You can start an automatic scene description and text analysis as soon as you open the myFinderr app. If it's night time or dark, the app automatically turns on the light torch enabling the phone to see and describe your enviroment.

How it works

Why Choose myFinderr

Very Fast

myFinderr recognises objects in real time and takes less than 2 seconds to analyse text.

Easy Guidance

Once myFinderr has found the item you are looking for, you will feel multiple ticking vibrations and the position according to you and distance in meters.

24/7 Support

Our team of volenteers is available by phone at all times.

Updated Features

We are regularly innovating new ways to make myFinderr better and faster.

Pricing Plan

MyFinderr is one of the highest rated and most advanced apps for the blind on the App Store. Your contribution helps us keep innovating and making our service better. Please contact us for a free special circumstaces plan.

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  • Unlimited history Backup
  • Unlimited Object finding
  • Realtime object recogntion
  • Monthly updates
  • 24/7 Support
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Preminum Yearly Plan


  • Unlimited number of Objects
  • History Backup
  • Realtime object recogntion
  • Monthly Backup
  • 24/7 Support
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What does giving back mean to you?

Once you download the myfinderr app with the link below, you will receive (after 24h) a notification to answer the call when a person needs help and make

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