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Stay safe, hear your enviroment & find stuff.
EVE is an IoT system to help you increase your independence.

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Eve camera and app

Eve's Main Features

Object recognition and tracking system

EVE is a smart camera that uses machine learning to locate objects around its environment and map them to an AR anchor map.

Realtime security for rapid emergency response

Records of your video feed captured by EVE will be stored on your phone and can be monitored by the carers.

AI personalization

EVE will learn with you and become smarter the more you use it, helpping you to navigate through your home and finding what you are looking for without anyone else’s help.

Don't waste your time, Just ask EVE.

With EVE being deeply integrated into the iOS system, you don't need to worry about accessing the app every time. EVE performs continuous scene monitoring and tracks the placement of everyday items that you can customize with a scanned AR anchor map. The AI remembers their locations and always ready to guide you.

Test the Beta version in your home

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Upon your order, our team of experts delivers the Finderr's camera to your home, installs it in your chosen rooms and configures the app for you. Due to Covid-19, all in-home instalations have been suspended, and Installing EVE in your home is an easy 3 steps is now a simplified process:

  • Plug-in EVE in your preferred room
  • Download the app on your smart phone
  • Take a few seconds to follow the steps on the app
  • Customize EVE to your most needed objects.
  • And Done.

Eve by Finderr is packed with the most powerful 3D depth sensing capabilities ever in a 4k camera, all powered by AI. Along with the most integrated IOS app, advanced in object localization and tracking— all behind a user-friendly interface, fully VoiceOver Compatible with Haptic feedback and Binaural audio. All in one design. We start by placing the 4K Finderr camera in a room. It's a non-intrusive smart camera that uses machine learning to detect objects located around the room and localize them to a scanned AR anchor map. Our stereo camera makes use of depth detection to map objects onto a 3-D representation of a room. The Finderr iOS app is fully VoiceOver Compatible so it can tell you everything that is going on in your home, record your live feed and store it. It can also watch over your pet or send you alerts when something is not right.

Once you make a purchase, it is linked to your Apple account and you can access it from other Apple devices connected to your account. When you download Finderr or EVE to another device, go to the Subscription page and click on Restore Purchases at the bottom and your premium account will be activated.

Just like any smart home camera, Finderr stores your video feed at your demand in a safe server using Microsoft Azure. We are committed to protecting and safeguarding our clients’ and users’ privacy and personal information.

YES, Eve has an advanced subject localization to object that works under 20-50% occlusion and in cluttered backgrounds. With a last-seen functionality, you can train her to detect custom objects.

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